Information Technology (IT) Support

To optimize the administration of your property, our firm uses only high quality, fully tested, and regularly updated IT hardware and software. A direct support contract with the software developer GFAD AG and an internal computer specialist ensure maximum support. A full data back is done


Account Statements

Monthly account statements are provided to you no later than the 15th of each month in an easy to read and easy to understand GFAD based format. Our use of electronic banking helps to reduce banking fees and cut down on related service costs.


Property Maintenance

The ongoing custodial and maintenance care of your property is provided by a technical engineer at Knut Peters Hausverwaltengen GmbH or by the Managing Director himself.


All property will be examined regularly by the responsible engineer to guarantee that it is is kept in excellent condition. We work to establish a close relationship with tenants and owners to ensure that potential damage or need for repair are detected early.


Ongoing maintenance services and repairs are assigned to independent professional firms. The selection of each firm is based on reliability, quality of work and appropriate costs. The construction supervision for major repairs involving reconstruction or  modernization with additional costs may be passed on to an independent firm or done by Knut Peters Hausverwaltungen GmbH. This decision depends on the extent and kind of repair following a detailed examination and investigation.


Resolution of Legal Problems

When legal problems arise, especially those regarding outstanding payments, the owner will be notified and if agreed to legal services of an independent lawyer will be sought.




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